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Useful links

Since Twitter updated their API to change how tweets can be displayed outside of twitter (i.e., forbid copying (archiving) tweets to other places (such as my personal tweets to my personal blog) and require that they be embedded using Twitter javascript that pulls the tweet from Twitter on each page view) and now Twitter Tools won’t continue to do that archiving, my continued contribution to Twitter is in question since the only real reason I ever tweeted anything was so it would get archived on my blog.

So I guess I have to write actual posts now instead of relying on a digest of tweets to fill in as content for my blog (Jeff Fuller will be glad).

I could go the vanlandw route with Friday Links, or maybe I’ll just try to quick post things that I have found useful that I would previously post on twitter. Screw you twitter.

Useful links from the last couple of weeks of tweets that didn’t make it in to the blog:

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-10-14

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-23