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26 tomorrow

It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’ll be 26. This may come as a shock to many, but yes, I was born in the tail end of 1982, so that would put me at the age of 26 tomorrow. This still makes me the youngest person in my department. Others have tried, but they are 1 or more months older than I, so I have yet to lose this title.

Ash and I are heading out this evening to celebrate because the babysitter (ashley’s mom) is busy on the 31st. But that’s alright.

One of these years I want to head out to New York for that little New Year’s Eve party in Times Square. Undoubtedly when the kids are older.

Back to work

Back at work now after a week off, takes some time to get back in to the schedule and the rhythm. But this isn’t the week to get back in to it as I’ve got Wednesday (birthday) and Thursday (new years day) off, then back to work on Friday.

I broke my glasses last night trying to give them a quick polish – rather I popped one of the lenses out and couldn’t get it back in since there isn’t much to the frame and I didn’t want to break anything further. So it’s off to Grandville Eyecare this morning. I should probably leave shortly to get there as soon as they open.

While I was waiting for something to finish this morning, I uploaded a bunch of new header images that will start appearing randomly. There are some summer/fall/winter ones in there so there isn’t necessarily a theme. Just mostly black & white, all courtesy of Ashley. If you want to see them all, they are in the headers directory.