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Whole new set of updates

…Got a whole new set of updates (cuz I was bored).

First off, I added a new forum, a page all about my computer. Complete with pictures, stats, and links to its components online! Hooray! My comp rules :P

Secondly, I revamped the images forum *again*, mainly because I stole a digital camera today and was able to take some shots of my room, my computer stuff, and more…! I also added nifty navigation links to the top of the each image page so you can hop around at your pleasure. Oh, and for those *goons* that didn’t know, you can click on each thumbnail to see a larger image :) *GRIEBE*

Hmm, it seems like I did more work than that, but I just spent too much time tweaking! Hooray. Whatever.

Song of the moment: Paul Oakenfold’s Essential Mix from Miami (03-27-99), Part 1 (62:27 into it)